How to Know When You Need a Protein Treatment


Deep conditioning, conditioners, pre-pooing, and determining the shape of your natural hair are all crucial for maintaining long, stable kinks and coils.

Protein therapies are an essential aspect of a healthy hair routine that is frequently overlooked. Now, before you go insane and buy any protein cream on the market, you must first determine your hair type as well as whether or not your hair is protein sensitive.

If the hair has a poor porosity, use a protein cream sparingly. As a result, protein therapies can only be done once or twice every few months.

Low porosity hair is distinguished by the difficulty of moisture absorption into the hair follicles. This ensures that if you use protein treatments too often (1-2 times a month is excessive), your hair will get dry and brittle.

In the other hand, if your hair is porous (it absorbs moisture easily and releases it quickly), you should and can use a protein cream more often to help your hair absorb all those nutrients.

Protein therapies can be used 1-2 days a month if the hair has a high porosity.

You can also see the differences between protein care plans for high porosity and low porosity proteins. Let's look at the most common symptoms that you need a protein injection.


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