7 Proven Ways to Keep Your Natural Hair Healthy in the Spring

I don't think any of us will name a season that we despise. Even if you're from the tropics, the changing seasons are exciting. Our natural hair isn't always happy, particularly in the springtime, as much as we love the change in temperature. Too much sun exposure causes our natural hair to become more vulnerable to injury. Curls that have been damaged? That is something that no one has time for!

We'll show you how to look great every day, particularly when the sun is shining. Here are our top seven (7) suggestions for keeping your natural hair healthy this spring:

1. From the inside out, hydrate your hair.

    Staying hydrated will help hydrate your hair both inside and out, particularly as the warmer weather approaches. To stop your hair being dry and dull, it is advised that you drink lots of water and eat a good diet.

2. Not using heat styling or drying methods that are detrimental to your health.

    Heat styling and drying procedures, along with the drying effects of the heat, can be a deadly recipe for your hair's wellbeing. As an option, you might try defensive hairstyles like cornrows and braids, which are also appropriate for the season.

3. Give it a good trim and get rid of it.

It's better to get a trim before the season begins! This will not only help you revive your winter curls, but it will also help your natural locks thrive all year. You will even get rid of air-caused damages, breakages, and even broken ends with this.

4. A good clarifying shampoo is important.

The best time to do outdoor sports is during the day. We have a lot of sun, sand, and sea in the Caribbean. Using a clarifying or chelating shampoo as part of your hair care routine following your afternoon jog or morning swim to help prepare and protect your hair from losing its natural moisture.

5. SPF-protective leave-in conditioner.

The sun's heat is not only bad for your face, but it's also bad for your hair, making it look stiff and gray and inducing split ends and brittleness, among other things. Use leave-in conditioner sprays that you can reapply to your hair without ruining your look. You can consider using shampoos and rinse-out conditioners with SPF However, you may want to try using a leave-in conditioner or a spray of SPF to help protect your hair from UV radiation.

6. Strategies for incorporating co-washing into the daily routine.

To keep your natural hair smooth and moisturized, try other co-washing regimens. This includes using a moisture cleaner to strip dirt, grease, and buildup from your hair, making it clean and safe.

7. Using natural humectants to test materials prior to use

Honey, castor oil, and glycerin are all humectants that can help dried hair regain its moisture. If you live in a harsh, hot climate, though, you can avoid humectants because they will undo their effects. Humectants will deplete the moisture in your hair by releasing it into the air.


Your hair may be the last part of your body to obtain vitamins and nutrients, so you can still keep yourself hydrated and balanced, not only in the spring but all year. It shows in your hair when you're hydrated and fit!

If you know of any other ways to shield your hair from the harm caused by the spring season that aren't discussed in this blog? Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below!


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